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New Jersey Streamlined FHA Refinance Mortgage



If you already have an existing New Jersey FHA Mortgage and would like to lower your interest rate we can offer you a NJ FHA Streamlined Refinance. It is called a streamlined fha refinance because you typically don't have to provide much of the documentation that a normal loan transaction would require. For instance often times we don't need to document your income or even obtain a new appraisal!

This means that we can refinance your current New Jersey FHA Mortgage into a new NJ FHA Loan but at a lower rate that will save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. Because the New Jersey FHA Streamlined loan does not require all of the normal documentation, we are able to close on your NJ FHA streamlined refinance even quicker than normal.

With today's historically low interest rates it is a great chance for many home owners to lock in a lower 30 year fixed rate on a New Jersey streamlined fha refinance as soon as possible. As the economy recovers interest rates will inevitably increase once again, and no one can predict if or when interst rates would again be at today's levels. If you have a current FHA loan at 5% or higher, it may benefit you to look at the New Jersey FHA streamlined refinance as an option.

If you would like to lower your NJ FHA mortgage's interest rate we highly recommend completing our secure online application. One of our New Jersey streamlined fha mortgage professionals will follow up with you right away to discuss your situation with you.