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Well This one is EASY!! We have NO fees. First Lenders Mortgage has elimintaed all of OUR Fees! The only other fees are third party fees which are your standard fees on a typical mortgage transaction. Example: Title Insurance (state mandated by loan amount), Recording fees (determined by county),establishing your new escrow(property taxes), and investor charges (depends on investor). Appraisal fees are now determined by the lenders which normally is $450 and up for a single family home.
BUT.... We go even FURTHER than us having NO fees!! We also provide CLOSING COST CREDITS to help further REDUCE the standard third party fees mentioned above!


When we offer our ZERO point rates to our clients, we USE some of the "money" we make when we sell your loan to the investor ( this is how everybody gets paid on ZERO point loans, from the bank, NOT the customer ) and GIVE SOME BACK to the client in the form of a "Closing Cost Credit" which helps them GREATLY reduce or in most cases COVERS ALL THEIR CLOSING COSTS!!! So in reality what we are doing is reducing our commission and giving it back to YOU to help reduce your closing fees which we cannot waive or control!

This is what sets us apart from nearly all other lenders.....

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