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New Jersey Jumbo Mortgage Loans

NJ Jumbo loans
are classified as any loan greater than $453,100. Along with other types of financing, New Jersey Jumbo Loans have become increasingly difficult to obtain. In most cases your local bank or credit union will not be able to offer Jumbo loans at the loan to value or interest rate that you desire.

First Lenders Mortgage is an industry leader with New Jersey Jumbo Loan financing. We have many solutions taylored specifically to the Jumbo loan markets. Our interest rates are highly aggressive and we are confident you will not find a better deal once we offer a New Jersey jumbo loan quote to you.

We can even offer New Jersey FHA Jumbo loans on home loans up to $625,500.

If you have been looking for a funding source for your New Jersey Jumbo mortgage loan purchase or refinance, then look no further!

We highly recommend completing the online loan application so that one of our New Jersey Jumbo mortgage loan officers will be able to follow up with you right away and go over your pricing options with you.